To our dear patients and parents:

The last few weeks were fully dominated by the corona-virus. How are we able to offer you all the needed care and treatment in an as optimal and secure possible manner? We have therefore decided on a number of important issues. We describe our policy here for you.

Customised care by means of telephone and video-telephony
Our several workplaces remain available but will be staffed to a somewhat lesser degree.  In general we prefer to speak to you by telephone  or webcam.   Also we offer the opportunity to join treatment by means of email exchanges or customised internet applications.

Internet-treatment or (psycho-)therapy using video / webcam telephony or telephone contact proves to be effective
You may ask yourself whether treatment using several digital options, like telephone, internet and webcam, is effective.

We can reassure you. During recent years international research as well as research in our country shows clearly that internet- driven therapy or treatment by means of telephone or webcam does not give lesser results.

Research specifically directed at establishing the effects of customised digital  therapy clearly show its applicability. This refers to both adults as well as children and youngsters.

Group therapy will be substituted by individual therapy
Patients that are in group therapeutic treatment will be offered individual therapy during this period of crisis. This applies to patients of all age groups.

The specific choice of digital treatment
Your therapist will discuss with you the digital treatment of choice which matches in the best way possible with your treatment needs or those of your child. Our diagnostic activities will be executed as agreed.

Especially with children it is of utmost importance to develop a clear view of their problems and complaints. The diagnostic activities will be done by means of the several digital means that are available to us, and we will take care of doing this with suitable, safe and reliable methods.

We trust that you understand the decisions we took as well as the reasons for our policy. Our goal, also in these exceptional circumstances, is to offer you safe, effective and matched care and treatment.

Concerning our no-show policy: this will not be applicable if your session is substituted in a digital contact. Of course we expect from you to be within reach at the agreed time.